Design Edge's proficiency has evolved from over a decade of retail fixture and environment solutions. Providing specialized retail design services across the country with our innovative approach leads us to create benchmark in the industry.

Our custom products and services include traditional fixture packages, new stores, remodels, large rebranding projects, new brand initiatives and our unique experience in differentiated projects.


Design Edge has covered up major Financial office spaces with its expert design creations. We at Design Edge accept the challenge to create dynamic and appealing workspace that reflect brand identity in the considered environment and expresses proposition effectively.

Our wide range of excellent material crafted by experienced craftsmen integrate personalities in the design for outstanding presentations.


Design Edge is completely aware of the impact of consistent design and the role it plays in influencing the consumers at various touch points. We have a long term experience of creating Hospitality industry based designs that further promotes ease.

Our quality products are always in sync with the requirement of a particular workspace. Design Edge delivers expertise in its every creation to shape your workspace with innovative design solutions.


Design Edge is a major manufacturer of retail displays, in-store marketing and merchandising solutions. Through our intersecting ideas and expertise, our professionally skilled team of industrial designers and strategists can help reinvent your retail space. Design Edge serves every client and each project as unique.

We work with you to understand your target customer, their purchasing habits and the suitable environment to deliver a branded solution to assist you achieve your merchandising objectives as per your timeline.